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Zimbabwe Map showing major cities and places
Car rental in Zimbabwe Getting a good reliable and affordable car rental in Zimbabwe is a challenge to travellers. Important things to consider are not limited only to the following: what kind of car do I need? where can I get a rental car? What requirements must I meet? What Kind of Car do I Need? If you are going city to city or around town a sedan or small SUV will do otherwise if you are going off road and national parks, a medium to large size SUV with better... + read more
Child Car Seat for hire in Harare
Do I need a child car seat? Really?   When a vehicle collides with another object - a tree, a wall or another moving vehicle, for example - it is stopped suddenly by the impact. However, anything not held down inside the vehicle will keep moving, and that includes the passengers. Seat belts alone are certainly not designed for children under 4 years both from a safety point of view and comfort. In Zimbabwe, child restraints are currently not enforced thereby it is a decision... + read more
Get your car at the Harare International Airport without an extra charge
Good news for holiday makers. Now it is possible to pick up and drop your rental car at Harare airport at no extra cost to you.  Over 90% of Zimba Car Hire clients use this service and they find it very convinient. When you book Zimba Car Hire just let us know where you want to pick up the car and Zimba Car Hire will do the rest.  
Honda CR-V available for unlimited kilometres per day ($95/day), Mazda Tribute available for unlimited Kilometres per day, $110.
Unlimited Kilometres Available We also offer unlimited Kilometres per day on rental cars at competitive rates. No more worries about your daily limit. This plan is best for people who are always on the road and those who want to make a complete Zimbabwe tour. If this is more like you let Zimba Car Hire know. Minimum rental period is five (5) days on this car rental plan. Our sponsors Global rent a car Companies Directories    


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