Kwese TV may be stopped again

This week, the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe approached the High Court again seeking to stop Kwese TV from broadcasting again. So that’s why Kwese TV had suspended operations for 2 weeks.

Obert Muganyura, the BAZ CEO, has again approached the High Court to challenge their decision. “In addition, the honorable court on page three of this judgment, states that the first applicant can be compensated if the respondent is operating outside the law by raising a fine. With respect, this amounts to the court sanctioning an illegality. He says the judge missed the point because he does have the necessary powers to act and cancel the license of Dr Dish. 

The matter is still yet to be set down for a hearing in the courts. Essentially Kwese TV may be stopped, for the third time, if BAZ is given permission to go and file an appeal at the Supreme Court. The Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe is the regulatory authority for broadcasting in Zimbabwe. 

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Kwese TV may be stopped again